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"We had earthquake retrofit work done for an apartment building in the city of Alameda. I interviewed several contractors for the work, but decided to go with Redux C+D because the bid outlined in detail the tasks and associated costs, based on the structural engineer's plans. There were no surprises at the end of the project with added costs.

I've heard from others that their earthquake retrofit projects took much longer than estimated. I can say that Tyson was very accurate in his estimation. He finished right on time even with the few snags we ran into along the way, whether it was with city requirements, or with the original framing of the building, or with scheduling of special inspections, Tyson found solutions to each issue. And he kept me informed!

The crew that worked on our project were very personable, when I dropped in from time to time. It was obvious that they were very experienced because they worked lightning speed.  I also appreciated that they covered/protected my new floors.

I would definitely use Redux C+D for future projects, and highly recommend them for your earthquake retrofit project.”

Diane Y – Alameda

"Tyson and his crew are consummate professionals. The job was done on time and for the exact contracted amount. There was a slight misunderstanding about what rain water leaders were to be buried and connected. Tyson looked at his bid and got it done. French drain, waterproofing, and lead to the storm drain,with excellent craftsmanship. This is a sharp young man and I could not recommend him more highly. His crews have many years of experience, and were courteous to our nosy neighbors. All in all, very well done.”

Rob W – Oakland

“Tyson lead the job, which consisted of the demolition of concrete stairs leading to the second floor; pouring 11 piers 12' deep; rebuilding the entry porch (including complicated waterproofing); framing and pouring new in-ground and above-ground stairs, 60' of a 4' high retaining wall, and a new sidewalk and driveway; installation of new windows and stucco; plumbing of a new water line; and replacement of the electrical panel and installation of path lighting.

As an engineer, someone who has personally remodeled much of the house's interior, and somewhat of a perfectionist, I was very demanding of the work Tyson and his crew did. I can say without hesitation that they did a great job:

* Very high quality work, and the few times I asked for something to be re-worked,
Tyson said 'no problem' (and no change order!)
* Great recommendations when we faced unexpected issues, and always with cost in mind
(Tyson had to deal with a nearly 2' elevation error in the architect's plans!)
* Very few change orders overall, and the ultimate cost was very close to the original fixed bid
(it did take somewhat longer than expected, but we were culpable too, sometimes slow on decisions)
* Solid subs which were well-managed
* Skillful handling of the challenging Berkeley Building Department
(Tyson's appeal of a decision based on his interpretation of the code saved us thousands).”

Ben B. – Berkeley

“We bought a hundred year old fixer house a few years ago and have been making renovations and repairs here and there as needed. One project we felt we could not put off any longer was to bolt the house to it's foundation and install shear walls to prevent the house from changing locations next time we have an earthquake.

I called several construction companies and appreciated that Tyson was the only one to actually pick up his phone when I called. He also came out to check out the project that very day and gave me a bid two days later.

The crew was able to start the job quickly and they finished a day earlier than projected. Along they way they came across a minor plumbing problem and fixed it quickly with little additional cost and they even ensured we would have adequate ventilation below the house by constructing and installing new vent covers. We'll definitely be calling them again in the future to help us bring our old house back to it's original beauty.”

Kris S. - Berkeley

“We needed to put in a driveway, and got bids from several folks. [Tyson] was the most thorough in the bidding process, taking time to walk me through options, drainage needs, etc... His bid came in right in the middle.

Having now completed the work, I am extremely satisfied.  The job was finished in 1 week (would have been sooner, if we had not had a couple days of rain).  The cement work turned out great, and the project cost was exactly as estimated, no additional expenses.

And then there is Tyson.  As I suspected, great guy and totally reliable.  Was at the house every morning to "brief" me on what would be going on that day and to make sure the crew were all on the same page.  Stayed in touch by cell phone while we were waiting out the rain.  Spent the morning at the job site during the cement pour.  

At the end of the job, a couple guys on the crew, spent close to a full day just cleaning up the job site.  They even replanted the grass that was earlier dug up, on both sides of the driveway.

I'll definitely be doing business with them again.”

Will G. - Oakland

“I ran into Tyson's work before I met him. A friend of mine had his foundation by them. I was in the process of getting my contractors license at the time and wanted to take a look at the project. I was super impressed with the quality of the work and when I asked my friend what he paid I was amazed that they got that type of quality on that budget.”

Travis W. - Oakland